Babel In America

Written Friday, October 10th, 2008

I am sending Myself to America in the time of crisis, in the time of woe. Those who are calling out to Me have moved the pace that has accelerated My coming. It is not a coming as in “My return.” This is a coming as in “My Fullness and My power.” The tower of Babel, the god of this country, is coming down. The rafters are falling, that which supports the tower is crumbling. But all is not lost, for I will be in the midst of it ALL. I will be there for those who cry out to Me, and I will rescue them. But there will be many who will not cry out, many who will die in their sins. The lofty will be brought low, as Nebuchadnezzar was.

The Church, what about the Church? Those who will turn to Me will see Me and be changed and will be brought to the place where I have meant for them to be all along. To those who will not turn, the doors of the Church will be closed. There will be a bringing in, a coming forth, an admitting to wrongs, a repenting of hearts. And then MY JOY, oh, MY JOY unspeakable and full of MY GLORY, will descend like a flood, and the watchful will see it coming, and the watchful will shout it out and will embrace it, and will be engulfed by it.

Then new words will rise up and come out of the mouths of My people, because they will be changed and will see My likeness and My glory. A new song will be sung because new hearts will embrace My movement, My appearance. You can see the joy now. You don’t have to wait for the disaster in order to see the joy. In the midst of the tower falling, My people can walk in MY JOY.

Those who are not prepared, those who are not solidly standing firm in Me, will fall prey to fear. And when they fall, it will be difficult to pull out, because their foundation is not settled in faith and trust IN ME. Those who are strong will be used to lift up the weak and to help lead them to a place of faith and assurance in WHO I AM.

So many of My people have come to put their trust in Babel and all that it stands for. Trust in this world produces a shallow and unstable foundation, and anything built on such a foundation will come to ruin.

Will you trust Me when you hear the rumbles of the quake, when you see the tower swaying? Many in this generation have not seen destruction, and many are not expecting it to come. My people, who are listening to Me, will hear and will be prepared. For revival can come when people realize that what they need most of all is Me.