“I attended for the first time last Friday. How amazing! Thank you so much for making this possible. I will spread the word and will be at all the next events! Can’t wait!” – J.H.

“How do you put into words the feeling that your heart is on fire with the Holy Spirit. That’s what CityPrayz does for me. How do you explain that to someone who has never felt that. I pray that feeling for all. Sherry once said CityPrayz feeds our spirit. NEVER STOP!!” – J.R.

“We were at City Praise and the band did the song Kumbaya. WE loved it,
Thank you for a wonderful night of worship.” – K.F.

“What I love most about CityPrayz is that all different denominations gather together to worship. Just like all believers really are one church in God. I have also loved seeing college age students spending a Friday night worshiping.” – M.T.

“Thank you so much for using your gifts in such a way to bring Glory to our God and bring others to know Him. You are an incredible blessing.” – M.S.

“I have been coming to CityPrayz since March & I don’t remember Matt ever specifically asking for hands to be raised by those who want to recommit themselves to the Lord. Maybe he has before, but I’ve never “heard” it. I felt God calling me to do that last night & Matt did give that invitation.” – R.F.

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