The Cries Of The Church For America

Written October 23rd, 2008

Great change is coming to this country. The shift and changes have already occurred in the spirit realm. Know that change is coming to the churches of America, for your area. The light of My Son carries with it responsibility on those who pursue Him, on those who seek Him, on those who align themselves with My will.

What is the responsibility? It is to be holy as I am holy. It is to not be like the world or let the world pollute you or corrupt you. My church is to be the spotless bride. The lofty will not be long in this camp of the holy. in the camp of the righteous, in the camp of true servants who will give their lives for the cause, for a brother or sister to show the love of Christ. There is a cleaning out that I must do in the body of Christ. I will not tolerate arrogance for it pollutes every part of the church. It pulls down the very cause of why the church exists. The humble will hear the good news and be glad at what I am bringing to My church. Those who take risks in following My lead will reap GREAT rewards, not only in heaven but in their lifetime.

Truly the sanctified will win the battle. They are empowered by Me, by My Holy Spirit. The first shall be last and the last shall be first in My station. He who exalts himself will be humbled and the humble will be exalted in My Kingdom and in My plan and in the work I am doing in your area and in this nation.

Time has come for restoration; the restoring of what originally has been. Let the weak say I am strong; for I will strengthen them greatly in this time. Modern does NOT have to mean corrupt. Modern does NOT have to mean debauchery. Modern does NOT have to mean without God. For I am still here and I will restore all that has been stolen from America. I will renew her strength once again. For the cries of My people have come up to me showing Me they are ready for My move.